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Supply Chain Planning

Our JAFS Integrated Business Planning Solution helps organisations who want to increase their supply chain resilience by using a solution that can combines sales and operations planning (S&OP), forecasting and demand, response and supply, demand-driven replenishment, and inventory planning

“Growing Resilience”


Intelligent visibility into your supply chain

View your supply chain as a network with the exceptions that impact performance

Simulation and comparison scenarios

Run simulations of demand or supply changes for what-if analysis and compare scenarios for fast, informed decisions.

Supply network collaboration

Work with suppliers and outsourced manufacturers for easier and faster planning.

Robust statistical models

Provide significant improvements over textbook calculations with proven algorithms.

Strong predictive analytic capabilities

Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and data analytics

Key Benefits


End-to-end supply chain visibility

View your supply chain as a network, enabling you to make those informed decisions.

Improved decision-making throughout the entire supply chain

Visibility, simulation and comparisons enabling you to improve your decision making

Alignment and integration of planning and execution

Resolving the Silo’s of systems and data, have all your data aligned and integrated

Balance demand and supply while meeting your financial targets

Smart management of your supply chain

Increase speed and agility of planning

In an ever changing environment, the ability to pivot and change your planning is a must


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