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Digital Manufacturing including MES

Our JAFS Manufacturing Intelligence Solution helps organisations who want to manage OEE, production, material traceability, quality, throughput and costs by reducing waste, out of spec products, energy consumption and manual paperwork. Increases to OEE of over 10% are often achieved.

"What you cannot measure you cannot improve"


KPI Management

Enables you to use both standard Industry KPIs and your own KPI’s to be able to effectively measure and improve your manufacturing processes

OEE Management

Increase your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to produce more products at a cheaper unit price. Predictive quality can also further reduce scrap, rework and therefore production costs.

Shop Floor & ERP Integration

Shop Floor to Top Floor integration and reporting. Integrate your ERP and manufacturing systems to enable complete visibility of your manufacturing and supply chain.

Quality & Recall Management

Improve traceability/genealogy to deliver customer confidence in your product. Customers expect to know the source of products as it’s critical to minimize recalls. Leverage Standard SAP ERP and manufacturing capabilities.

Traceability & Genealogy

Customers expect to know the source of products. Full Genealogy logging via the use of Block Chain to guarantee end to end supply chain details will deliver confidence in your product and supply chain

Plant Maintenance

Optimise maintenance and production planning. Reducing costly downtime within a plant is key, increasing production output underpins a cost-effective business, our solution has out-of-the-box integration with SAP ERP Plant Maintenance.

Key Benefits


Reduce manufacturing cost

increase output and gain real-time visibility into quality and costs

Reduce scrap and rework cost

by empowering the workforce to take informed decisions

Reduce revenue loss

by agile planning and production orchestration reduce plant fulfillment issues

Protect people, environment and reduce downtime

by proactively managing operational risk

Reduce manufacturing and related IT costs

by using an integrated set of solutions


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