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Strategy for our Solutions

Our Solutions are designed around 4 key themes

Resolving Silos

Resolving “silo” constraints for effective decision making and managing uncertainty

Lived experience

Life reinvented for enhanced lived experience for workers and customers


United Nations 17 Goals and ESG Reporting for a more sustainable world


Seamless IT OT Integration for end to end real-time visibility
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Digital Manufacturing including MES

Our JAFS Manufacturing Solution helps organisations who want to manage OEE, production, material traceability, quality, throughput and costs by reducing waste, out-of-spec products, energy consumption and manual paperwork. Increases to OEE of over 10% are often achieved.
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Asset Tracking

Our JAFS Asset Tracking Solutions help organisations who want to track assets allowing them to reduce time locating assets, increase the visibility of asset movements and history including milestones, see impacts of delays on PO’s, Work Orders, Sales Orders plus more on an easy-to-use portal. Shifting your supply chain to network-centric can drive productivity gains of 2 percentage points.
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Supply Chain – Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) ​

Our JAFS Intelligent MRO Supply Chain Solution helps Supply Chain Managers in Asset Intensive Industries who want to ensure the availability of spares and services, inventory levels, safety and supply chain visibility. By improving supply chain visibility and resiliency, inventory optimisation, management of repairables / rotables and reinventing supply chain business models to improve demand visibility by leveraging Systems Thinking approach to supply chain design​

Energy Management

Our JAFS Energy Management Solution helps organisations who want to understand and improve their energy consumption to reduce costs and comply with ESG Reporting by understanding the actual energy and cost used by product, lines or equipment.

Supply Chain Planning

Our JAFS Integrated Business Planning Solution helps organisations who want to increase their supply chain resilience by using a solution that can combines sales and operations planning (S&OP), forecasting and demand, response and supply, demand-driven replenishment, and inventory planning

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Enabling Manufacturing &
Supply Chain Resilience


The Head office is located in Perth, Western Australia, however, we also have consultants based in Brisbane, Queensland.

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