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The new age of customer service 

How do you create experiences that will make your customers happy and build their loyalty? In the digital economy, customers are expecting more choices than ever to engage with organizations and have their service requests resolved quickly

The perception of your brand in the market is key to your success and the quality of your customer service plays a big part in that perception

  • Easy to use Mobile Solution and Service Tickets that  can be created via any one of a number of channels, such as social media, a phone call, or an e-mail
  • Using serial numbers or another unique id, tickets can be logged against known equipment/products you support, allowing a complete ticket history to be kept per item
  • A built-in resource scheduler combined with skills matching which allows you to schedule the right technicians to tickets 
  • Allow your technicians to accurately record their time for tickets with built in time recording and reporting
  • Setup and Maintain Contracts and SLAs for your customers
  • Monitor and improve your overall performance by use of the inbuilt Surveys
  • Leverage tools you use every day, such as your Microsoft outlook e-mail
  • Leverage the stock feature which provides information on available parts in stock for servicing and repair as well as vehicle stock if parts are carried by your technicians
  • A self service portal enables your customers to fix their own problems and save you valuable time


  • Leverage artificial intelligence (AI), world-class language technology, and preconfigured bots to scale your business.
  • Leverage innovative “gamifying” approaches to motivate team members’ performance.
  • Ticket intelligence includes ticket categorization, similar ticket recommendation, and natural language processing to determine ticket language. 

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