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“RPA is about linking your digital dreams with your legacy nightmares"

When you are dealing with older (legacy) systems that don't come with API's, websites or emails that you need data from RPA could be exactly what you are looking for.

RPA works in two modes Unattended and Attended.  Unattended is where bots are Fully Automated and are working autonomously with human supervision only. Attended is a semi-automated process, where robots are co working with humans, also called Robotic Desktop Automation. 

Unattended example: Purchase Orders are sent in to an inbox and have to be read, identified, information has to be taken and brought into ERP system to create the PO reference. A bot can run the full process autonomously.

Attended example: A car sales man is looking for stock for their car yard, and turns to a Car Sales website.  He enters the search criteria into the page and then sits back while the information for the results is captured by the RPA bot, the bot would even detect and click the "next" button to ensure all results are captured.

  • SAP intelligent RPA comes with a library of FREE content to kick start your RPA processes with the SAP Systems.
  • SAP intelligent RPA is licenced via a consumption model unlike other top players so is affordable
  • SAP intelligent RPA helps run repetitive, tasks that span across your systems (SAP and non-SAP)


  • Process Intelligence assistance with SAP Conversational AI provides natural user interaction with the bot.
  • Machine Learning provides easy processing of documents and unstructured data to be embedded into RPA workflow
  • Machine Learning can help improve the reliability/stability of your RPA Processes  

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