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The resources sector is one of the major contributors to the economy of Australia. JAF Solutions has decades of experience with the Natural Resources Industry and can help you build a connected enterprise to better manage supply chain processes, digitize operations, integrate operational technology with business processes, and make the workplace safer.

In addition, SAP Innovations and JAF Solutions experience can drive innovation with for example, insights gleaned from data collected from assets and vehicles, wearables, weather maps, and changing supply and demand patterns.

You can optimise capital spend, maximise your return on assets, and improve profitability – while running safe, sustainable operations. As well as accessing optimized project planning, execution, and collaboration along the project value chain.

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Delivering Business Value with Technology

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SAP Manufacturing has built in Reporting to help with your Production Performance, See shift by shift performance, compare your different plants to see how they perform against each other.  Example reporting capabilities include:

Loss Analysis Reporting
  • Unscheduled and Scheduled Downtimes, Speed Loss and Quality Loss, Combined Losses

KPI Analysis Reporting
  • Hierarchical Analysis: You can drill down via a defined hierarchy. For example, Plants -> Processes-> Machines. 
  • OEE Analysis: Charts are rendered in time-trend format. You can change the dimension of time trend to weekly, monthly, and so on. KPIs are available for analysis.
  • Asset Utilization: Charts are rendered in time-trend format. You can do a time trend analysis of asset utilization of plant hierarchy.

SAP Digitial Manufacturing delivers simple and clear screens along with simple navigation to get the answers you need quickly.

SAP Digitial Manufacturing allows you select items within your Hierarchy from the same plant or different plants and have size by size comparisons of the various kpis.

Using a heat map approach it's clear as to the reasons and number behind your downtime.

Downtime Heatmap 

By using energy consumption data coupled with your production data, SAP Digital Manufacturing can give you valuable insights into your energy consumption by material by process by machine.


Using Machine Learning SAP Digital Manufacturing can predict if your production batch is going "off track". SAP Digital Manufacturing can be fully integrated to the PLC and SCADA systems so that it can also control machines to take corrective action