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SAP Manufacturing combined with JAF Solutions experience can help you innovate with integrated end-to-end processes with embedded intelligent technologies and analytics to orchestrate the entire business. Respond to changing market demands and improve competitiveness by designing and delivering high quality, compliant equipment and components via a flexible manufacturing network.

Business benefits of SAP Manufacturing include optimizing service parts traceability and energy management, predictive stock management and machine learning for supply replenishment, innovations can include image recognition for spare parts. Machine learning can be leveraged to predict issues in a production batch to alert operators to take remedial action before production is lost or to alert if quality issues identified, which avoids costly rework or rejects of product.

Using SAP Digital Supply Chain, your supply chain is Connected, Predictive and Intelligent.

Want to be more connected to your customers - SAP Sales Cloud give sales reps the data they need in one place, available anytime and anywhere, so they can make every interaction count, retaining existing customers and connecting with new ones.

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Delivering Business Value with Technology

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SAP Manufacturing has built in Reporting to help with your Manufacturing Performance, See shift by shift performance, compare your different plants to see how they perform against each other.  Example reporting capabilities include:

Loss Analysis Reporting
  • Unscheduled and Scheduled Downtimes, Speed Loss and Quality Loss, Combined OEE Losses

KPI Analysis Reporting
  • Hierarchical OEE Analysis: You can drill down via a defined hierarchy. For example, Plants -> Lines -> Machines. The KPIs such as OEE, Performance, Availability, and Quality are available for analysis.
  • OEE Analysis: Charts are rendered in time-trend format. You can change the dimension of time trend to weekly, monthly, and so on. KPIs are available for analysis.
  • OEE Classic Time Element: OEE classic time elements, for example, Loading Time, Net Operating Time, Value Operating Time, Availability, Performance, Quality, and OEE are displayed in a stack chart format
  • Asset Utilization: Charts are rendered in time-trend format. You can do a time trend analysis of asset utilization of plant hierarchy.

OEE is a key performance indicator (KPI) that provides an insight into the efficiency of your manufacturing processes. It is a product of other manufacturing KPIs.

OEE = Availability X Performance X Quality

With SAP Digital Manufacturing you can automatically calculate your OEE for plants, lines and machines. These insights can be turned into actionable improvements for your overall OEE, increasing production, reducing costs, and minimizing waste and rework.

SAP Digitial Manufacturing allows you to collect waste data either manually or automatically, this data can then be used for improvement programmes to reduce waste.

Using Machine Learning SAP Digital Manufacturing you can predict if your production batch is going "off track" and can alert operators so they can take Remedial action before production is lost. 

By using the various Standard KPI's and any custom KPI's your organisation has, you can monitor and gain insights into problem areas such as scrap and reworking. 

Improvement plans can then be put in place and their impact can be monitored again to gain an understanding of their effectiveness in making improvements within these areas. 

By using energy consumption data coupled with your production data, SAP Digital Manufacturing can give you valuable insights into your energy consumption by material by line by machine.


Using Machine Learning SAP Digital Manufacturing can predict if your production batch is going "off track". SAP Digital Manufacturing can be fully integrated to the PLC and SCADA systems so that it can also control machines to take corrective action

DESIGN to OPERATE at Hannover Messe 2019

SAP featured live and real at Hannover Messe 2019 the value chain of DESIGN to OPERATE. With the example of the double seat valve from EVOGUARD the process from the DESIGN, via PLAN to MANUFACTURE and DELIVER up to the OPERATE was presented to the visitors