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"What you cannot measure you cannot improve" 

Using SAP Digital Manufacturing along with JAF Solutions expertise can:

  • Enable you to use both standard Industry KPIs and your own KPI’s to be able to effectively measure and improve your Manufacturing Processes.
  • Increase your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to produce more products at a cheaper unit price. Predictive Quality can also further reduce scrap, rework and therefore production costs.
  • Shop Floor to Top Floor Integration and Reporting. Integrate your ERP and Manufacturing systems to enable complete visibility of your manufacturing and supply chain.
  • Improve traceability/genealogy to deliver customer confidence in your product. Customers expect to know the source of products as it’s critical to minimize recalls. Genealogy logging and the option to use Block Chain to guarantee end to end supply chain details will deliver confidence in your product and supply chain.
  • Optimise maintenance and production planning. Reducing costly downtime within a plant is key, increasing production output underpins a cost-effective business.
  • Increase Customers and Brand Loyalty by using SAP’s Sales Cloud to help build better relationships with existing customers and manage leads and pipeline for new opportunities


  • Predicative Quality
  • Predictive Maintenance & Services
  • Block Chain Traceably of Product

Digital Manufacturing

  • Single Source of Truth of Manufacturing data
  • Insights to Actions - IT & OT Integration
  • Unifying Manufacturing Processes & KPIs
  • Industry 4.0 Capability
  • Automation of your Shop floor
  • Monitor and Manage Energy Consumption

Digital Assets

  • Digital Twin – Asset Lifecycle
  • Assets Network Collaboration
  • Maintenance Planning & Execution

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Food and Beverage

Food and beverage processing is Australia's largest manufacturing industry.  Australia has a reputation for supplying clean and natural products with low chemical residues. Quality and safety is paramount with strict safety standards regulated and enforced along the supply chain.

SAP Manufacturing combined with JAF Solutions experience can help ensure your quality standards are met, and can leverage machine learning to alert of quality issues, which then avoids costly rework or rejects of product.

Using SAP Digital Supply Chain, your supply chain is Connected, Predictive and Intelligent.

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Natural Resources

The resources sector is one of the major contributors to the economy of Australia. JAF Solutions has decades of experience with the Natural Resources Industry and can help you build a connected enterprise to better manage supply chain processes, digitize operations, integrate operational technology with business processes, and make the workplace safer. In addition, SAP Innovations and JAF Solutions experience can drive innovation with for example, insights gleaned from data collected from assets and vehicles, wearables, weather maps, and changing supply and demand patterns.

You can optimise capital spend, maximise your return on assets, and improve profitability – while running safe, sustainable operations. As well as accessing optimized project planning, execution, and collaboration along the project value chain.

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Pulp/Paper & Packaging

Mill products companies must deliver profitable growth without over-exploiting the environment by running collaborative supply chains, optimising manufacturing, and offering best-in-class customer experiences.  SAP has manufacturing capability for both Process for the Pulp and also Discrete for the Paper Packaging. Combine JAF Solutions experience and SAP for Mill Products you can anticipate real-time demand and supply, provide innovative products at better margins, operate resilient supply chains, and innovate the customer experience.

Using Business Planning, Intelligent Manufacturing, Digital Logistics, Asset Management and Sustainable Customer Relationships your enterprise can be Connected, Predictive and Intelligent.

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Equipment/Component Manufacturing

Australia has a diverse range of Equipment and Component Manufacturing.  SAP Products can help manage your sales pipeline with SAP Sales cloud, and can cater for your design to operate requirements with SAP ERP and SAP Digital manufacturing.

SAP Digital Manufacturing combined with JAF Solutions experience can help you innovate with integrated end-to-end processes with embedded intelligent technologies and analytics to orchestrate the entire business.  With SAP Sales and Service Cloud JAF Solutions can help you meet today’s sales challenges head-on, giving your sales reps the data they need in one place, available anytime and anywhere, so they can make every interaction count delivering an improved sales experience for better customer experiences. 

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The chemical industry needs to keep up with changing regulations and innovations and can respond by transforming processes and delivering sustainable growth and performance with SAP digital manufacturing, supply chain, product and process innovation, real-time price and margin management, and health and safety management. SAP solutions and innovations along with JAF Solutions experience can allow for safety and integrity along the entire value chain and lifecycle of products and provide unprecedented levels of customer experience.

SAP Leonardo and JAF Solutions combines next-gen technologies and industry expertise so you can rapidly transform your business into an Intelligent Enterprise.

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Experience the benefits of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

  • Reduce manufacturing cost - increase output and gain real-time visibility into quality and costs
  • Reduce scrap and rework cost – by empowering the workforce to take informed decisions
  • Reduce revenue loss - by agile planning and production orchestration reduce plant fulfillment issues
  • Protect people and the environment and reduce manufacturing downtime - by proactively managing operational risk
  • Increase revenue growth - by mass manufacturing of individualized products and 3D printing
  • Reduce manufacturing-related IT cost - by using an integrated set of solutions
  • Harmonized data analytics
  • Unified manufacturing modeling
  • Integrated manufacturing operations management

Plan your Manufacturing with SAP R3 ERP or S/4HANA 

  • Comprehensive planning features
  • Integrated scheduling

    Integrate with SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

    • Manufacturing analytics platform
    • Energy monitoring and analysis
    • Business process integration

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