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Below are some of our most recent Free Insights for you and your company.
Resources - Mining / Oil & Gas

Insights - Digital Mining - Unlocking New Business Value

Change in the mining industry is occurring at a rapid pace. Mining companies must be able to respond to uncertain and changing conditions profitably, yet still deliver on customer requirements while meeting governmental regulations and societal expectations.

Innovative mining companies are already creating the next generation of business models that are powered by insights gleaned from data collected from assets and vehicles, wearables, weather maps, and changing supply and demand patterns

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Manufacturers making better decisions with cloud

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The pace of change in markets that manufacturers serve is occurring much faster than their current solutions were built to accommodate. Meeting highly variable demand and individualised products require greater visibility. 

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Industry 4.0 and Beyond Whitepaper

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In the digital era, manufacturers must transform or be left behind. As the pace of change accelerates and competition increases through blurring of industry lines and new entrants to the market. The transformation may well be digital and in this report MPI share the 5 stages to digital maturity

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Insights - Transform Manufacturing with SAP

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SAP Solutions enable companies to integrate and embed intelligence in manufacturing processes facilitating Industry 4.0 principles with once source of live information.  They provide an optimal coordination of planning and execution processes covering all aspects of the manufacturing cycle from planning to shop floor and beyond.

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